We Can Accomplish Great Things Together

Never before in the history of our industry has there been such explosive growth. The world is facing an unprecedented shortage of pilots, and US flight schools can hardly keep pace with demand. At the same time, we face tremendous business challenges: increased regulatory burdens, high overhead coupled with thin profit margins, and administrative hurdles that slow the process of both bringing students into the training pipeline and getting them scheduled for checkrides.

No one understands the opportunities and challenges of running a flight school better than you…better than us. And so no one is suited to advocate for the flight training industry better than the men and women who have made it their career. All that’s needed now is that we unite together and speak with one voice, and that’s why Flight Schools United exists.

Who We Are and What We Do

Flight Schools United (FSU) is open to anyone, whatever their role, who works in the flight training industry or is committed to its improvement and advancement. This what we do:

  • FSU is about communication. Our forums and groups are a place to share ideas, seek solutions, and make connections with other flight training professionals.
  • FSU is about excellence. Our aim is to work together for the betterment of our members and the industry as a whole.
  • FSU is about advocacy. Solving the everyday problems that hinder efficiency, profitability, and innovation in the flight training industry will help flight schools meet the challenge of supplying pilots to a world that needs them.

Join Us!

No matter what you do in the flight training industry or how you’re related to it, we need your voice, your ideas, and your experience. Interested in learning more about Flight Schools United? Contact us!


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